Craft Focus - April/May 2023 (Issue 96)

45 THE CRAFT REPORT The Craft Report 2023: Key Findings The eagerly anticipated 2023 Craft Report was presented at the show by research specialist Linda Jones who unveiled valuable insights gathered from the extensive consumer research project. Here are some of the findings… 1The craft audience has increased by 3% year on year, with growth being fuelled by younger crafters, half of whom started crafting in the last five years. There are now two distinct audiences for targeting purposes: the younger ‘Generation Craft’ who now account for 38% of the market, versus ‘Established Craft’ at 62%.  2There’s a growing trend to crafting more consciously, particularly for wellbeing purposes (87% of Generation Craft/ 66% of Established Craft). Community conscious and environmentally conscious crafting are also becoming well established, particularly amongst Generation Craft. 3Craft is becoming increasingly social/ community driven post-Covid; one in three Established Crafters are crafting for charity, 44% of Generation Craft are crafting with others and 42% of Established Crafters are using social media more actively for crafting. The Craft Report looked at ‘Generation Craft’ (a younger audience sample, mainly 18–34-year-olds) and Established Crafters (mainly 55+).