Craft Focus - December 2022/January 2023 (Issue 94)

7 EDITOR’S LETTER On the cover Noro yarns are known for their vivid hues combinations of colours found in nature. These colours also tap into the multiplicity of shades found around us. Noro’s reliance on natural fibres is another link to the natural world. Chock full of wool, silk, mohair and other fibres drawn from animals and plants, Noro yarns have a visceral connection to the natural world. “Natural fibres have great features that synthetic fibres cannot mimic, and we want to leave these as much as possible in our yarns,” says Noro. The yarn’s reliance on natural fibres is enhanced by the careful way that these fibres are gathered. All animal fibres used to create Noro yarns come from certified organic farms, including producers in Australia, the Falkland Islands and South Africa. One of the most prominent qualities of Noro yarn is its hand spun, loosely processed quality. This, too, is an essential part of Noro’s vision of creating yarns that remain true to their natural heritage. Keeping processing to a minimum and eschewing the use of harsh chemical treatments is critical to this vision. Friction created by agitation and heat during processing can weaken natural fibres; by shortening this process, Noro reduces the damage done to fibres and to the environment. Minimising the amount of machine handling also preserves the original qualities of the fibres. In fact, variations and slight unevenness in the yarn’s texture is not a mistake but rather a deliberate choice so that knitters may feel closer to nature. “From ancient times, Japanese have accepted, enjoyed and been charmed by the non-uniformity, unevenness and occasionally the coarseness of nature. It may be the base of us, and not only the basic philosophy for Noro yarns.” Visit Merry Christmas As the year 2022 draws to a close we can reflect on another uncertain 12 months for retail. Of course, factors have included the war on Ukraine, the ‘new normal’ way of living with Covid and the aftereffects of the Pandemic; plus the cost of living crisis. They say small business owners are a resilient bunch and that you are. Fortunately, the craft industry is continuing to draw in newbies and come up with new and fascinating ideas and trends. Tom Daley is now almost as well known for his crochet patterns as he is for his gold medals; BBC’s The Repair Shop recently welcomed His Majesty The King to appear on screen championing the importance of traditional arts and crafts; and everyone I know is all for the upcycling trend – whether that’s in your home furnishings or your wardrobe. We have a feature dedicated to upcycling on page 48 ; and a Making Clothes at Home special on page 61. Craft is continuing to be on trend and for that we look forward to 2023 with hope and excitement. Always a popular date in retailers’ calendars – and a great way to brighten up the high street is Valentine’s Day, we have a fab three-page special dedicated to this money spinner. This edition I have spoken to some big names in the world of art and craft about what they predict will be hot in 2023. Always an interesting read. As always, thank you so much for your continued support and we wish you a fabulous festive season. Merry Christmas! Rachel Westall Editor EDITOR Rachel Westall +44 (0)1376 514 000 PRODUCTION MANAGER Scott Brothwell SALES MANAGER Sarah Ellis +44 (0)1376 538 490 ACCOUNT MANAGER Tracy Voice +44 (0)1376 538 555 GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Stephanie Hodder, Vicky O’Connor +44 (0)1376 535 616 PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Lorna Butcher WEB DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Stuart Weatherley DIGITAL MARKETING COORDINATOR Katie Laley +44 (0)1376 514 000 KD Events & Publishing Ltd, Pantile House, Newlands Drive, Witham, Essex CM8 2AP Craft Focus is solely owned, published and designed by KD Events & Publishing Ltd. Whilst every effort was made to ensure the information in this magazine was correct at the time of going to press, the publishers cannot accept legal responsibility for any errors or omissions, nor can they accept responsibility of the standing of advertisers nor by the editorial contributions. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher. Craft Focus is published six times a year. ISSN 1758-0900 @craftfocus @craftfocusmag @craftfocus Craft Focus is proud to be associated with and supporters of: