Craft Focus - December 2022/January 2023 (Issue 94)

40 I’m expecting to see even more demand for sustainable and natural crafts, and even more of us will be turning to thrift and reworked clothes as a response to the ongoing cost of living crisis. Samantha Warrington 2022 has been a year of re-growth and rebuilding, resulting in an abundance of innovation, particularly within the sphere of sustainability. The emphasis placed on the need for eco-friendly products has been evident in 2022 and is a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about purchasing plastic products thus craft materials have adapted to suit these needs. In 2023 we can expect to see more sustainable innovations in recyclable and eco-friendly materials. 2023 will see the consumer returning to more traditional, analogue forms of communication and writing. People are reaching to their diaries and journals to note down their inner thoughts. Having a creative output is essential as a form of emotional release, therefore it’s apt that Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2023, Digital Lavender, represents wellness and escapism. Affirmation goes hand in hand with this move towards wellness and as such we can expect to see a focus on thoughts of gratitude as key themes in gifting, whether that be in the form of notebooks, arts and crafts, or fine prints/art. Retailers are also seeing a spike in greeting cards sales, demonstrating that traditional forms of communication are on the rise. At a time when an extravagant present might not be an option, people are using cards to show their love and affection. Alex Butler, London Stationery Show Trends are so important for creatives as forward-thinking inspiration that will help set your work apart. I work with expert Trends Consultant Victoria of Porter & Brawn to make sure our Make it in Design students stay up to date. Craft As with most forthcoming trends, crafts can reflect what is happening worldwide. We’ve identified a trend called ‘World Curator’, which is heavily influenced by nature, nostalgia, and our desire to experience different cultures. The global influence can be seen in an earthy colour palette, natural textures, tactile wood and woven elements. This is a trend that celebrates global artisan techniques with a return to traditional, handcrafted, textured crafts. Colour Green continues in popularity but starts to move away from the blueish or greyed off greens through to much more vibrant lime tones with more yellow. Cyber Lime, a zesty neon colour, will feature heavily. It has a gender-neutral feel and affinity with both nature and technology it will be a statement shade. Apricot Crush is also up and coming, identified by WSGN and Coloro as their Colour of The Year for 2024. It has a refreshing yet warming feel, and again its gender inclusiveness makes it great for modern times. Stationery Optimistic messaging and slogans are an important design element, and we’ll see more multi-coloured styles being adopted with strong, bold typefaces. Self-care is an important lifestyle movement that continues to grow and be explored. Embedding affirmations and mantras into out day to day life from notebooks to wall calendars will be normalised. Everyday acts of activism will become second nature as we see the stark reality of our actions. We’ll want to see products that reflect the standards we live our life by eco-friendly materials to messages of looking after our planet. Rachael Taylor