Craft Focus - December 2022/January 2023 (Issue 94)

38 2023 will be a year full of creativity and colour. Handicrafts are getting more and more popular especially in times of crisis. We rediscover our hobbies, take time for ourselves and make our homes beautiful and cosy. At Zweigart® we love colours, so there will be a focus on beautiful fresh tones for next year’s spring season. Our lovely ‘vintage’ print is a top seller especially in spring. Also, our ‘mini dots’ print in fresh green or light blue hues work perfectly to be used as a background for floral or summer designs. We’ll have new embroidery ideas for babies, spring and also modern themes such as graphic patterns. Freestyle embroidery is incredibly trendy and we’re also experimenting more with 3D embroidery which create exciting new effects. We invest a lot of love and effort on our new concepts for digital embroidery ideas to be downloaded on our website. Here you can find a lot of beautiful ideas for themes such as ‘Love & Wedding,’ ‘Flowers & Nature’ or ‘Mindfulness.’ We’re also giving a lot of new trend and colour inspirations on our social media platforms Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. Deniz Celiktemel The creative year 2023 will be far-sighted, spontaneous, carefree and above all colourful! The growing awareness that sustainability permeates all areas of daily life has arrived in the national and international DIY community. This is clearly reflected in the Creativeworld Trends 2023, which summarise the variety of the latest creative products, materials and techniques in three themes and provide inspiration and ideas for all areas of the hobby, craft and artists’ supplies sector; these are: illustrative power, sensitive biology and innocent charm. A strong colourfulness and illustrativeness runs through the illustrative power theme. Radiant and striking colours, prints and patterns emanate a powerful energy that overlays existing décors and thus reinvents them. The wondrous world of insects, as seen under the microscope, is the focus of sensitive biology. Abstract motifs from the winged cosmos are expressed with structures, divisions and facets. There is something naive and childlike in the motive and colour world of innocent charm. To read more about these trends visit the Creativeworld website.