Craft Focus - October/November 2022 (Issue 93)

83 RESILIENT RETAIL the 80/20 rule – 80 per cent of sales are likely to be coming from 20 per cent of products. Once you know your hero products, you should plan around them. From stock levels to social media content, hero products should take centre stage. Make sure your customers know about your gifting options. If you offer gift wrapping, cards and sending directly to the recipient, make sure that’s absolutely clear and immediately obvious to anyone landing on your site or walking into your store. With the cost of living at the top of everyone’s minds, make sure that your hero products represent a variety of price points and there’s something for every budget. This is true every year, especially as people buy all types of different gifts ranging from stocking stuffers to secret santa presents, all the way up to the special gift for loved ones. This year, more than ever, it’s important to recognise that people will have a set budget for their gift giving, so make sure they know not only what great value your products represent but also that you understand how they’re thinking about and shopping for gifts this year. DIVERSIFY YOUR SELLING Small business retailers should utilise as many channels and opportunities afforded to them to sell. Giving customers multiple opportunities and platforms to buy will enhance Christmas sales – whether that be selling on a website, at an event, via social media or in a bricks and mortar store. While you may have a main channel for your social media, for example, Instagram, don’t be tempted to put all your eggs into the Instagram basket. Think about ways for you to meet your customers where they are. If you haven’t tried email marketing before, this is the year to focus on connecting with your subscribers with regular emails. Make sure people know what you offer and how to buy it from you by reminding them of your products on a regular basis. GET IT DONE NOW With such a short, focused time in which to sell, you will do well to carve out some pre-preparation time now. Review your festive emails, social media content, events, collaborations and blog posts well in advance of the busy selling season. Having Christmas emails pre-drafted, social media content produced and scheduled, an organised workspace and packaging prepared for faster shipping will all contribute to growing sales at Christmas. SELL YOUR EXCITEMENT It’s been a tough year for business owners, and understandably many are frustrated and tired, feeling uncertain about how the big selling season will go. Taking inspiration from the big retailers such as the John Lewis highly-anticipated Christmas advert, you must sell your excitement so that customers buy into it. If you aren’t excited about your products, then why should your customer be? Now’s the time to focus on putting your best foot forward and showing up for your customers with excitement and anticipation. Throughout November and December you need to delight customers with your offerings, offer the solution to finding the perfect present and helping them make magical moments with loved ones. While the customer has a budget to stick to, they still want products that will wow the recipients. This is where small businesses can shine, because they can share the meaning, quality and special nature of their products with their customers. Would you rather receive a generic toiletry set from a high street retailer, or a beautifully handcrafted item that’s perfectly to your taste? I’m sure you’d rather have the handcrafted item, and millions of people are the same. So help your customer not only find that perfect item, but also empower them with the knowledge of what makes this item so special. When they gift it, they can share that knowledge with the recipient and help elevate their enjoyment of the item. Now is the time to put the sparkle into the shopping experience – plan ahead, feel the excitement and get ready to sell your perfect Christmas products. Catherine Erdly is a small business retail expert, founder of The Resilient Retail Club. She was recently voted the top sales adviser in the UK by Enterprise Nation, and named one of the top 100 retail influencers in the world by Rethink Retail. Find out more from the website: