Craft Focus - October/November 2022 (Issue 93)

81 BOOKS JOHN HOWE’S ULTIMATE FANTASY ART ACADEMY John Howe £19.99 9781446308929 David and Charles An insight into the process of fantasy artist John Howe, who was one of the chief conceptual designers on the movie trilogy and is heavily involved in the concept art for the Amazon series. The foreword is written by groundbreaking film director Terry Gilliam, with an afterword by Alan Lee, John’s partner on the conceptual design for The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy and Oscar-winning illustrator. This comprehensive practical art book leads you step-bystep through a range of specially commissioned drawing and painting demonstrations that reveal John’s renowned artistic approach in action. The book covers a wide range of subjects, beginning with the creative process, exploring where inspiration comes from, looking at narratives and themes and showing how to create different types of male and female archetypes. It goes on to explain how to create different types of fantasy beasts: talons, wings, fangs and fire, and noble animals. The book also explores fantasy landscapes and architecture and balancing light and dark atmospheres. We say: It examines in fascinating detail over 150 of the artist’s outstanding sketches, drawings and paintings, plus the techniques and stories behind each. Drawing NEEDLEPOINT: A MODERN STITCH DIRECTORY By Emma Homent £17.99 9781446309131 David and Charles This essential guide to needlepoint will allow you to bring far greater texture and interest to your stitching, with expert guidance on how to embroider the stitches and how to choose the best stitches for your designs. More than100 stitches are demonstrated with both photos and diagrams, with 10 easy and accessible projects to help ease you into trying out some of the fancier stitches, including a glasses case, plant hanger, accessories, gifts and more. We say: The ultimate resource for needlepoint, canvaswork and tapestry embroidery, packed with over 100 decorative stitches and techniques. Needlepoint MADE WITH LOVE By Tom Daley £28 9780008546823 HarperCollins Alongside 30 exclusive projects ranging from covetable gifts to chic homeware, cosy accessories and stylish wardrobe essentials, Tom offers helpful tips and tricks to support even the most tentative of beginners. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, Made with Love will soon have you creating projects to be proud of. We say: Thread the love with Tom Daley’s eagerly awaited debut knitting and crochet book. Crochet A GUIDE TO MAKING LEATHER BELTS WITH 12 COMPLETE PROJECTS By Nigel Armitage £24.99 9780764364273 Schiffer Craft Work your way through the skills and techniques required to make high-quality leather belts. Belts are underestimated as simple and easy, but a lot of planning and measuring are required to ensure the production of a good leather belt that fits its owner, serves its purpose, looks good, is durable, and, most importantly, is of high quality. But designing and creating leather belts can also be enjoyable and satisfying for leatherworkers of all levels. Leather expert Nigel Armitage presents a clear and easy-to-follow guide both for makers of belts and those just starting their leatherworking journey. The 12 projects in these pages include a Yeoman’s Belt, Ranger Belt, Sam Browne Belt, Bushcraft Belt, and much more. We say: Armitage guides you step by step through the tools and techniques you’ll need to create leather belts that will last for generations and be the envy of everyone who sees them. Leatherwork