Craft Focus - August/September 2022 (Issue 92) - tel: 0113 2460403 Felt embroidery kits to delight & inspire Creativity in a box ! free sample packs with every order! Find us at TOP DRAWER LONDON Stand J39 M. Courts Ltd are delighted to announce that our two bestselling ribbons from Berisfords are now woven using recycled yarns. These sustainable ribbons are packaged on white reels that not only look good but are made from recycled plastic and are themselves recyclable. HOW I S THE RECYCLED RIBBON MADE ? The used plastic bottles that we use for our recycled ribbons are collected via various recycling points within mainland Europe.These bottles are then thoroughly cleaned for hygienic purposes and are then broken down into smaller plastic elements.These plastic flakes are melted back into a liquid form then converted into filaments.A number of filaments are then combined together and spun to create a 100% recycled ribbon yarn. 100,000m of 25mm satin uses 12,000 recycled bottles.That’s 12,000 bottles not going to waste, landfill or damaging the wider environment. 0208 884 0999 F 6 B R I A R S F O R D P E R R Y R O A D W I T H A M E S S E X C M 8 3 U Y So, the time has come to retire and look forward to new adventures. PJ Beads has been selling beautiful beads, findings and jewellery-making essentials to its customers for more than 40 years. We were one of the original suppliers in the UK but we've now made the decision to retire at the end of this year. Before then, we are having a massive clearance sale and would like to offer customers the chance to stock up on all your favourites with50% off. STOCK UP NOW - WHILE STOCKS LAST We’d also like to send our best wishes and say THANK YOUto all our lovely and loyal customers for supporting PJ Beads over the last 42 years. 50%OFF Use code BYE50 Contact: call us on: 01704 575461