Craft Focus - June/July 2022 (Issue 91)

68 Gorgeous crafts to brighten up any home Home sweet home GROVES Chic Escape was inspired by derelict French chateaus, the people bringing life and laughter back to these beautiful forgotten buildings and the shared love for vintage fabric, pottery and flowers. This Summers Collection is the first ‘Special Edition’ Collection from Tilda. Using larger patterns and bolder deeper colours, whilst still keeping the same level of detail, this is a step away from the usual prints Tilda releases. Along with these incredibly detailed prints, Tilda will also have available a selection of patterns, that are in keeping with the theme and inspiration for the collection. The cocktail hour quilt will add a cosy vintage feel in any room, featuring lush ladies in their finest vintage dresses, looking almost like a collection of painted flower vases, that are ready for a fun evening in. The worldwide release date is 1st June, exclusively distributed across the UK by Groves. Fabric and free patterns are available from the Groves website. Tilda has made the decision to divide the year into three collections, spring/summer, autumn/winter and a special edition in between. This allows Tilda to test out new ideas and looks without too much emphasis on the season. If this is the first, we can’t wait to see what’s next. 68