Craft Focus - April/May 2022 (Issue 90)

83 BUSINESS THE TYPE OF PEN YOU CHOOSE... Biro A strong, sturdy companion that’ll always be there, the biro is the backbone of the pen world – is there anything a biro won’t write on? If you’re a fan of a standard biro, you’re a no-frills kind of person, who values function over style. You relate to simplicity and are an open book and can’t understand why others aren’t like this. People who have hidden motives and hide parts of their personality aren’t for you; you pride yourself on always being honest – after all, integrity is everything to you. Gel pen Smooth operator! Gel pens flow over the page like nothing else, and this appeals to you. You’re not one to be drawn into drama or arguments, instead you’re all about the quiet life with little hassle. You’re young at heart, a total softie, with bundles of energy. You love nothing more than getting all your friends together for a knees up, drawing energy from company. You’re always the hostess, using your outgoing nature to make everyone feel at ease – wherever they are. Fountain pen Do you prefer a fountain pen over anything else? If so, we bet you love history – be it history books, drama, or just gazing at pictures from almost forgotten times. You’re a creative who takes inspiration from everywhere, but you have a knack for turning complex ideas into something much more digestible. You’re composed most of the time, but once boundaries are crossed, you take no prisoners. Pencil Pencils may not be as permanent as pen, but you are. You prefer to write with a pencil as it sets you apart from the crowd and tells everyone you don’t need to conform to society; you’re happy to play the game your way. People are drawn to your nature – be it your style, humour, or way you live your life. You’re also likely to be more eco conscious, always wanting to make improvements to the planet in any way you can. If it’s inspired you to up your stationery game, browse Ryman’s range of pens and pencils, notebooks and pads, and planners. For additional stationery inspiration, follow Ryman on or via the website