Craft Focus - April/May 2022 (Issue 90)

SINCLAIRS Artgecko Sketchbook PRO Tiles – 148mm square and Instagram posting perfection! The size makes them ideal for quick sketching, watercolour or paint markers on the go whilst fitting perfectly in your social media feed making it even easier to share your creations with the art community. It’s available in two paper types: Watercolour tile - white medium surface cartridge paper 300gsm/203Ibs; and Toned tile - Jet Black medium surface card 200gsm/135Ibs. ENVELOPES LTD World of Envelopes die cut envelopes are supplied in pre-creased flat sheets, which are made from sustainable, premium quality eucalyptus paper – a new addition to the Clariana range. They can be used for handmade crafts, laser-cutting designs or for flat sheet printing if you want a seamless design printed all over… the possibilities are endless with these envelopes! Available in a wide range of different colours, you’ll be sure to find the perfect colour for your project. +44 (0)1628 810 999 PHOTOCENTRIC Longstanding UK craft manufacturer, Photocentric, has been busy for over 15 years, producing creative products for businesses wanting to create or grow their own brand. This has been further supported by the introduction of the company’s stencil offering in 2018, which has helped businesses to further enhance their brand offering through this versatile product. The durable, intricate, and lasercut designs have been used for multiple applications since their launch, and Photocentric has seen a recent, marked increase in stencils being used for planner pages and journaling in particular, along with interior design, mixed media and papercraft, as crafters of all types increasingly use journaling to prioritise and schedule tasks, document thoughts, emotions, and memories using attractive designs. The impact of stencils has also enabled businesses to enhance their offering across a range of multi-purpose craft and stationery materials, which have been utilised alongside coordinating stamps and other products on offer from the Cambridgeshire based company, to give a decorative twist. Created from a semi-transparent, 350 micron Mylar material, Photocentric provides the opportunity to etch logos and guidelines into the stencil, and offers a variety of sizes with low minimum order quantities. The development in stencil production shows that they’re not just used for illustrating papers, notebook covers and folders, but are equally impactful being applied to a wider variety of stationery projects. +44 (0)1733 349 937 46