Craft Focus - April/May 2022 (Issue 90)

29 PROFILE Talk us through the current products you’re particularly excited about. Do you have a favourite? I love all my kits, they’re part of me and I’d like to have passionate and devoted customers, stitch lovers that share the same views, in terms of art. For example, all of the landscape pictures are more like a fantasy rather than real life, the places where I’d like to be in my imaginary world. It’s hard to pick from all the kits the most popular ones. However, I’d like to present to you one of our latest kits: L8019 − Christmas hugs. It’s exciting, because it became very popular in a very short period of time. It’s a cute picture, representing the friendship of a girl and a puppy. It contains 50 colours, measures: 27cm x 23cm and contains: Anchor threads, canvas Zweigart Aida 16 count on white. We’ve also launched the biggest kit from our collection, which we are proud of. It’s a Christmas scene entitled Holiday at Seaside (L8007). The size of this kit is astonishing 93cm x 31cm, containing 73 colours, canvas Zweigart Aida of 16 count, Anchor threads, DMC metallic and beads. Do your products suit all levels of crafters? We offer kits of various difficulty levels for any taste and budget, from the beginners to professional stitchers. Craft has boomed over the last year! Have you noticed any new trends? The pandemic made people look for new hobbies and one of them is stitching. We’ve noticed that sales have increased a lot during this period. People want to start new and interesting projects and we always do our upmost to meet the craft market’s requirements. How often do you launch new ranges? At the beginning, our aim was to launch at least one new kit per month and as time went on the collection became larger. We’ve released about 130 kits, and are