Craft Focus - February/March 2022 (Issue 89)

87 BOOKS HARRY POTTER WATERCOLOUR MAGIC BOOK TWO £17.99 9781911682486 Pavilion Harry Potter: Watercolour Magic Book 2 includes even more easy-to-complete watercolour projects featuring fan-favourite characters, creatures, places and icons from the films. Each project features a light sketch of the image to get you started plus a list of supplies needed and colours, followed by clear, easy-to-follow instructions to help you recreate the image in minutes. The book is printed on high-quality watercolour paper that you can put paint straight on, and the pages are perforated so they’re easy to remove for framing or display. We say: This worldwide cultural phenomenon continues to expand and is the perfect partner for today’s interest in guided practical art. Watercolour HAMMER & NAIL By Erik Eje Almqvist £18.99 9781911663904 Pavilion Inspired by the world-renowned radical designer, artist and critic Enzo Mari, this book is a tribute to his simple ideas which challenged the consumerism of the furniture industry. In Hammer & Nail, Erik Eje Almqvist has reworked Mari’s furniture plans to suit modern DIY enthusiasts, and developed new ones inspired by the same principles. Using very few tools – a hammer, nails and boards cut to standard dimensions – he shows techniques and basic methods that will arm any amateur carpenter with skills and inspiration for life. With easy-to-follow instructions and diagrams, there are basic methods for joining furniture as well as tips on how to avoid cracking boards, making clean cuts with a saw, and ideas on surface treatments. We say: With only a small budget for materials and a bit of DIY work, this book will allow readers to furnish their homes with design classics that are beautiful, comfortable and functional. Making and assembling CRAFTING AUTHENTIC PAPER FLOWERS By Sophie Longhurst £15.99 9781526784667 Pen & Sword Books Ltd The delicate art of paper flower craft has been around for centuries, originating in China in 100BC. Since then, the art has remained a powerful tool in calming the mind and encouraging a slower pace of life. Paper crafting is an accessible hobby that can be easily practised at home by everyone of all ages. Whether you’re looking for a rewarding activity to share with your children, or something to help you unwind after a long workday, paper flower crafting is a perfect choice. Use your newfound skills to create your own decorations for display or pleasure, and discover the wonder of nature in all its glorious detail by paying special attention to the colouring, textures and intricate details of your projects. We say: Whatever your background, lifestyle or commitments, this book contains projects to nurture your personal skill set. Step-by-step instructions and inspiring illustrations will guide you through the process from start to finish. Papercrafting A WRITER’S JOURNAL WORKBOOK By Lucy van Smit 9781472987365 Bloomsbury Publishing The Writer’s Journal Workbook is a lively prompt for creative writers looking for help in setting themselves regular creative tasks, goals and challenges. Packed with step-by-step activities, advice and suggestions, the writer is guided through practical exercises and encouraged to put pen to paper. Are you stuck in a writing rut and don’t know how to move forward? Do you lack a daily routine and need a structure to set daily or weekly writing time for yourself? Do you want somewhere to gather your writing ideas and scribbles together in one place? This workbook is a perfect place for the budding writer who wants a spark of inspiration, to sharpen their ideas and perfect their skills at their own pace. The workbook is composed around a series of have-a-go exercises with ample space (double spread) for the user to write and doodle in. We say This Journal Workbook will become the must-have companion for creatives on the go. Writing