Craft Focus - February/March 2022 (Issue 89)

77 PROFILE Supplies for Candles LTD +44 (0)1709 257 151 try our best to source it for our customers to ensure they have everything they need for an original range of products. How would you advise a retailer who is interested in stocking your products? We stock everything to get retailers and businesses started in the candle and home fragrance market. If you have any questions regarding our products, how to make finished products and how to sell them, our Hub has a range of articles and videos that cover every aspect. We also have an excellent customer service team that are extremely friendly and knowledgeable who are always happy to help. What sets you apart from your competitors? Not only do we strive to supply the highest quality products at competitive prices, but we also feel very passionate about sustainability. Over the last year we have drastically reduced plastics and non-recyclable materials and we’re constantly finding ways to source more environmentally friendly packaging for all our products. In 2021, we proudly became carbon natural and received our Carbon Footprint certification by offsetting 243 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Another project close to our hearts is our corporate social responsibility. We have supported several charities over the last few years through fundraising and donations and we’re working closely with a few selected charities on some very special projects that will launch this year. Do you visit any trade shows? Do you plan to visit any soon? The Covid-19 pandemic has made it difficult for us to visit any trade shows until now but it’s in our plans and we’re looking at what opportunities there might be for us moving forward. How did business cope during the Covid-19 pandemic and what are your plans going forward? We were very lucky during the Covid-19 pandemic and were able to double our head count whilst investing in a new mezzanine, equipment and offices to create additional space and improve productivity. There have been several internal promotions within the company and we’re continuing to grow the teams moving into the new year. An increase in internet activity and working from home resulted in an increase of sales for us and by growing our marketing team and efforts, we’ve thrived during these uncertain times. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Supplies for Candles has given away £100,000-worth of candle making kits and business start-up support to people who have been financially affected by the pandemic, as well as giving free soap to local residents to help combat local shortages. What new products can we expect from you in the future? We’re constantly reviewing and following trends through the year, and we have many collections in the works including new kits, fragrances and seasonal products so make sure you keep an eye out on our website!