Craft Focus - February/March 2022 (Issue 89)

66 CYGNET YARNS Seriously Chunky – Orchid 867 Following the announcement of Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022, Very Peri, we look at some perfect crafts to stock in that up-and-coming hue JONES Jones can dye an assortment of its buttons in polyester, nylon and acrylic to match any shade, as shown here! +44 (0)1159 738 712 UNI-BALL Uni-ball has created its own homage to Very Peri by mixing some of its blue POSCA paint shades with some purple hues. This was achieved by applying pure pen colour onto the surface. While the paint shades were still wet, a sponge was used to mix up a lovely Very Peri inspired hue. +44 (0)1908 328 833 THE CRAFTY KIT CO Felt Lavender Craft Kit VERY PERI!