Craft Focus - February/March 2022 (Issue 89)

20 LAVINIA STAMPS Lavinia Stamps is an established British company offering a wide range of distinctive and inspirational art and crafting products. The company is excited to be launching its new January collection of highly detailed polymer stamps to kick start 2022. Lavinia Stamps prides itself on designing everything from start to finish. The images are all hand drawn which give them their one-of-a-kind quality, offering something different every time. +44 (0)1824 710 691 S&S HOME SUPPLIES LTD. T/A OLFA UK OLFA’s CK-1 and CK-2 Wood Carving Knives follow the form of a traditional Kiridashi knife. Though they were designed for wood crafting, they’re also suitable for cutting through many other materials. The name ‘Kiridashi’ means ‘to carve out’ in Japanese, and they both do just that. The CK-1 is ideal for lighter work, and the CK-2 is for more heavy-duty projects. The CK-1’s lightweight, all-metal construction houses an 18mm wide, 1mm thick blade that is double-sided. When one side has finally lost its edge, it’s easy to take the blade out, flip it around, and put it back in with the fresh, sharp side on display. One CKB-1 blade is the equivalent of using two individual blades, so they’re outstanding value. The CK-2 is made of stainless steel and comes with a 20mm wide, 1.2mm thick blade. Both types of blades are double-honed to give you superior initial sharpness and edge retention. As with all OLFA tools, user safety was highly considered when developing these cutters. The screw-and-nut lock mechanism holds each blade firmly in place, preventing even the slightest unwanted movement. This prevents accidents while also increasing cutting accuracy and blade control. The blades can be retracted and stored away securely when not in use. They can also be attached to a lanyard or hanging loop and are suitable for left- or right-handed use. +44 (0)20 8204 1422 DAVID & CHARLES From straightening out your kitchen drawers and maximising closet space to keeping your home clean and tidy, the tips, tricks, and hacks in NIFTYTM: Clean & Organized will take your space to the next level in no time. From the popular BuzzFeed lifestyle destination NIFTYTM, this home organisation guide is perfect for anyone who wants to bring a little order to whatever space they call home. It includes helpful advice on how to clean and organise every room in the house, making life easier, more organised, and less stressful than ever before. With money-saving tips, fun DIYs, and inventive ideas for maximising space, this book is the ultimate cleaning resource. Whether it’s tackling the chaos of the bedroom closet or making the most out of the limited space in your tiny bathroom, this title makes tidying up and staying organised easier than ever. +44 (0)1392 790 650