Craft Focus - December 2021/January 2022 (Issue 88)

83 ACID To find out more, visit or designs or trade secrets, that you may wish to discuss in your meeting, and that you will be disclosing designs and/or samples previously unseen by the recipient. The recipient must sign and return the Agreement prior to your disclosing any information or samples/prototypes to them. • It is advisable to use confidentiality agreements and for all employees to sign as part of their T & C of employment. • Don’t forget to mention if you are a member of Anti Copying in Design (ACID). And finally, a useful statement to use on your website and marketing material by using your website as a means of communicating the value you place in your IP. The following statement should be put on the bottom of your homepage, together with the ACID logo if you are a member: “All copyright, design rights in our designs and products, and the images, text and design of this website are and will remain the property of (Company Name). Any infringement of these rights will be pursued vigorously.” This statement provides a clear warning shot to any anonymous copyists visiting your website, and a clear message that you know and understand your rights and that you are prepared to assert them. If you would like further information about various agreements available to protect Case study your IP, please email or discover more CASE STUDY ACID recently spoke to a member who had purchased a confidentiality agreement. She commented, “We’d been working with someone who had been fantastic when we started up the business, but we got our fingers burnt when we felt he may have taken some of our “know how” and our ideas and there was nothing we could do about it. We have now just employed our first member of staff and have ensured that, as part of our standard terms and conditions of employment, there is a signed confidentiality agreement. This gives us assurance that should things go wrong we can rely on the small print. There are so many “hats” that a small business owner has to wear and sometimes it’s easy to forget something that really matters.”