Craft Focus - December 2021/January 2022 (Issue 88)

PEARLYWINKS Pearlywinks’ beautiful Amorosa stamp set is a beautiful stamp set perfect for masking and layering. All the stamps are designed and made in the UK using a high-quality photopolymer that is crystal clear and resists yellowing, they’re tear resistant, long lasting and etched to a depth of 3.2mm this ensures you get a brilliant impression time after time no matter how detailed the stamps are. +44 (0)1612 229 690 HAWTHORN HANDMADE These kits are inspired by the amazing women we’re all surrounded by each day, from awesome aunties to magnificent mums and super sisters! This is now one of hawthorn’s best-selling ranges and the company will be expanding the collection in spring 2022. You can choose from four designs, all celebrating our passions, from yoga and gardening to getting fit and taking up a craft (of course!). +44 (0)1258 863 873 JEJE PRODUKT Jewelly Pearls & Gems is a sparkling and easy technique for making cards or decorating objects. Pearls and precious gemstones from exclusive sticker films are inlaid in specially developed jewellery contour stickers. Use them with different design papers or on multiple surfaces and they can be used for all occasions. There are eight different sets: four with white contour stickers and four with black contour stickers. Each Jewelly Pearls & Gems Sticker Set contains one sheet of white stickers measuring 10cm x 23cm and four strips with small dots or hearts sticker motifs. In addition, there are 32 packs with the Jewelly Pearls & Gems ‘dots and hearts stickers’ in the exclusive film colours. These can be used to decorate other cards or objects. You can also make the most beautiful mandala patterns or dot work patterns. 71 MOTHER’S DAY