Craft Focus - December 2021/January 2022 (Issue 88)

44 After the extraordinary year and a half that we’ve all experienced, we predict that in 2022 crafters will be looking for ways to celebrate being able to enjoy spending time together with friends, family, and loved-ones once again, and will be spending time creating gifts and decorations for important occasions such as parties, baby showers, and of course, weddings! Homemade decorations offer crafters the perfect opportunity to express their creativity and personality, and there’s nothing quite like a thoughtful handmade gift to show how much you care. I also predict that sustainability will continue to play an important role in crafters’ decision-making, with customers increasingly favouring sustainably-produced and ethical products. Jo Lochhead, The Crafty Kit Company There has been a definite growth in the craft market in the past couple of years, especially with all textile crafts such as knitting and sewing. Embroidery has become extremely popular, and I see this becoming an even stronger trend in 2022. As we’re all becoming more aware of the ecological challenges we face, we’re more mindful about what we buy. I think the demand for sustainable materials if going to grow in the craft sector too. The love of nature is a key trend with a clear desire for natural, raw, textured materials as well as a colour palette inspired by plants and flowers. Warmth, comfort, and natural, simple beauty are our key words for 2022. Our linen and wool felt embroidery kits are becoming our best sellers. Corinne Lapierre Handmade clothing makes a statement about slow living and value – we’re seeing so many makers taking time to slow down and create their own garments rather than buying cheap and adding to landfill. It’s an investment in themselves as well as a conscious decision to help save the planet. For product trends, 2022 is all about chunky yarn – comfort, cosiness and cuddles! Expect to see chunky knits everywhere in the form of blankets, socks, sweaters and cardies. The other big yarn trend is mohair! Welcome to the fluffiest fluff of all, gathered from the fleece of the angora goat and often combined with silk, merino wool and other gorgeous fibres. All hail the sweater vest, the humble tank, the sleeveless sweater – whatever you call it, the tank is here to stay. Expect super chunky slipovers for winter, and cool cotton tanks for summer – this is a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Age-old crafts make a comeback. Bargello the traditional needlepoint technique, kitsch cross-stitch, ornate embroidery, tapestries and latch hook; we’re seeing a resurgence of nostalgic pastimes reinvented with modern and trend-led designs. As the world heals post-pandemic, and we adjust to changes in our home and working lives, we’re becoming more conscious of how we spend our free time. With that, we expect to see more social crafting; make-a-longs, inperson workshops, and crafts made for social sharing on Instagram and Tiktok. Our homes have taken on extra significance since the pandemic and so we’re seeing makers lavish handmade love on their homes. 2022 will be a year of decorating our nests to reflect our personalities and our values even more. Cushions and blankets for inside the house and in the garden, sewing quilts and crocheting baskets, painting our own artwork and making decorations all year round. Merion Willis, Editor and Presenter