Craft Focus - December 2021/January 2022 (Issue 88)

16 ENVELOPES World of Envelopes has added a new product to its range! Say hello to these new environmentally-friendly, biodegradable version of cello bags, manufactured with a substance called PLA (polylactic acid) which is produced by using fermented plant starch. These bags are perfect in preparation for the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax in April 2022 – make sure your business is ready. The biodegradable cello bags are available in six sizes and are ideal for packaging sweets, jewellery, crafting accessories and more. The peel and seal closure makes them super easy to use, and helps keep your items protected from the elements when sealed. +44 (0)1628 810 999 HAWTHORN HANDMADE These new needle minders are made in the UK from birch plywood and super-strong neodymium magnets and they retail at £8. The three new designs are the Penguin, Christmas Jumper and Snow Globe. Needle minders are a perfect gift for all stitchers, saving hours of looking for lost needles! Plus, they double as cute fridge magnets or even little brooches. +44 (0)1258 863 873 S&S HOME SUPPLIES LTD. T/A OLFA UK A craft project requires not only the right cutting tools but also the correct cutting surface. That’s where OLFA’s FCMA2 (450mm x 620mm) and FCMA3 (320mm x 450mm) cutting mats come in. Both user and eco-friendly, these foldable 2.5mm thick mats have been specially made for heavy-duty cutting and can be used with all OLFA utility knives, art knives, and even their rotary cutters. Following a three-layer structure; their tough cutting surface is made of flexible olefin resin and has a layer of durable, hard resin underneath. Non-slip backing has also been added for cutting stability. Both mats benefit from OLFA’s selfhealing technology; the surface of the mat returns to its original shape after it has been cut. It’s soft enough to protect the blade, but also hard enough to prevent heavy incisions from occurring. Both mats are also double-sided and feature easy-to-read numbers and yellow metric grids (centimetres and inches). They’re created mainly for quilt/patchwork applications such as easy measuring and accurate cutting of straight lines and precise angles. Their foldability means that they occupy as little space as possible and can easily be stored away. This also makes them convenient to transport between locations. Their fold line is a curved joint that is designed to piece together closely to prevent blades from cutting into the joint gap. +44 (0)20 8204 1422 CRAFTY YOU CRAFTY ME New to the Crafty You Crafty Me collection for January 2022 is a range of stylish macramé rainbow kits. Macramé growing in popularity thanks to its simplicity and natural materials and with gorgeous 100 per cent British wool and natural cotton rope these kits contain all the materials you need to get creative. Available in rainbow and spring colours and two sizes, these kits also include clear step-by-step instructions with colour photographs to make some stunning hanging rainbows.