Craft Focus - Page number 71 - October/November 2021 (Issue 87)

71 GLUES & ADHESIVES CRAFTER’S COMPANION This Crafter’s Companion Tape Pen is a crafting essential. It’s easy to use and non- messy! The RRP is £3.99. +44 (0)1388 660 930 CRAFTER’S COMPANION Whether you need to hold fabrics together for applique, position a hemline, or attach fabric to a stabiliser in machine embroidery, the temporary glue spray will perfectly hold your fabric while you work. Dispensing as an odourless and colourless mist that leaves no marks on your work, the adhesive is also acid and CFC-free. Unlike other fabric sprays, you can rest assured that Stick & Spray is specifically designed not to gum your sewing needles. +44 (0)1388 660 930 BOSTIK For those who find it difficult to sew or just don’t have the time, Bostik Fabric Glue introduces a simpler way to stick fabrics. The new, ultra-strong clear glue is perfect for fabric crafts, repairs and alterations. It provides a long lasting and flexible bond on a variety of materials including cotton, denim and linen, as well as tougher fabrics such as felt, leather and PVC. It’s ideal for applying embellishments to clothes, bags and shoes, as well as bigger repair jobs and alterations such as trouser hems, turn-ups, clothes labels and curtains. What’s more, Bostik Fabric Glue is machine-washable and safe to iron. The 20ml tube comes with a special applicator and is available to order in cartons of six. +44 (0)1785 272 625 CRAFTER’S COMPANION To create bonds that will last, look no further than the Crafter’s Companion Hot Glue Gun. This superfast glue gun heats up and is ready to use in just five minutes. It maintains a constant temperature of up to 190 degrees (375 F) so you can be sure of consistent and smooth application. The Crafter’s Companion Hot Glue Gun has been designed with the crafter in mind. Featuring an ergonomic, easy to use design and built-in stand, applying adhesive to your products has never been simpler to do. It has also been fitted with a non-drip nozzle and trigger action, so you can be sure that mistakes and mess are kept to a minimum. With multi-purpose bonding capabilities, this glue gun can be used to bond numerous materials including paper, plastic, fabric, card, ceramics and much more, making it the perfect piece of equipment for your kit. All you need to do is push your glue stick through the back of the glue gun and into the nozzle to begin the melting and to start the flow. Then use the trigger to continue pushing the glue stick through the chamber to apply glue to your projects. Please be aware that this appliance and adhesives can reach temperatures of up to 190 degrees (374F). And, the perfect partner to the Glue Gun is the Crafter’s Companion 7mm glue sticks. +44 (0)1388 660 930