Craft Focus - Page number 49 - October/November 2021 (Issue 87)

49 LIGHTING SHESTO The Lightcraft LC9100LED Wide Lens Magnifier Lamp is perfect for close- up intricate work. The extra wide lens provides better visibility without the need to move the head, keeping everything in focus. Featuring a dual dimmer function for versatile lighting ranging from soft white though to cool daylight. The product has many features including: 60 SMD LEDs; improved colour rendering with 90 CRI; a built-In dimmer switch providing a balance of light to suit any task; and an ergonomic design with built-in handle and sun protector cap. +44 (0)20 8451 6188 CLEAR VISION As the nights get darker earlier, these lights will really help you see clearly NATIVE LIGHTING The Chameleon Desk Magnifier (N4237) is a sturdy desk lamp with 3X magnification, which features a flexible goose neck that enables light and magnification to be pointed in any direction. If you work with intricate details this lamp will be invaluable with helping you see your project more clearly. If you match colours then the daylight setting will help you see colours much more clearly. +44 (0)1173 709 995 NATIVE LIGHTING The Native Slim Lamp flex is available in black and white. It’s powered by USB, this makes it a very portable lamp as it can be powered from a battery pack, laptop or a plug adapter. +44 (0)1173 709 995 NATIVE LIGHTING The Lumina Floor Lamp (N3183 and N3173) is available in black and white. This lamp is a great choice if you work at a desk or table but also like to sit in a chair to read, knit, sew or craft. +44 (0)1173 709 995