Craft Focus - Page number 66 - August/September 2021 (Issue 86)

SEARCH PRESS How to Knit by Debbie Tomkies is a comprehensive knitting manual with everything you need to start knitting. It includes a wide range of techniques, including lace, cables, textured patterns, colourwork, beaded knitting and embellishment, all accompanied by fully-illustrated step-by-step instructions that are perfect for the absolute beginner. For more experienced knitters, there are advanced techniques and useful pointers to give their knitted items that professional touch. At the back of the book there’s a link to 25 how-to videos to help you if you get stuck on a particular technique. GROVES Transport your yarns and knitting accessories in style with this capacious bucket style bag, exclusively from Groves. The full range of Hobby Gift products are available to view on the Groves website. +44 (0)1844 258 100 KNITPRO INTERNATIONAL Having your knitting and crochet projects and tools organised is so much easier when you have the right bag to hand. KnitPro’s new bag collection includes many different types of needle cases and project bags. These enable you to have all your essential items to hand when you want to pick up a project. These bags are made by crafters for crafters, therefore, they’re practical and look amazing too. Even though they’re meant to hold your crafting projects, you could even use them as your everyday handbag. There are many styles to choose from: the Bumblebee collection – this bag is made out of wool felt and has an immaculate embroidered bumblebee design; the Bloom collection – these bags are made from denim, combined with floral printed cotton, and can be easily combined with your favourite outfit. The different designs fit different purposes. For example, the wrist bag is perfect for crafters who like to work on their projects on the go. The handle feels soft on the wrist as the handle and the whole bag has a suede lining. In addition, the yarn feeder makes sure that your yarn is safely stored while you’re knitting or crocheting on the go. Meanwhile, the doctor’s bag holds up to four projects at a time. It also comes with a lot of storage space for interchangeable and single- pointed needles, as well as your accessories like stitch markers and needle gauges. There are so many different types and styles to choose from, visit KnitPro’s website to view more. KING COLE Footsie 4ply is a gorgeous acrylic yarn blended with seven per cent PBT to add strength and structure to this quirky fruit themed sock yarn. Ideal for those who cannot wear wool socks, it comes in seven colourways including a perfect Christmas option. (Polybutylene terephthalate material, or PBT, is a texturized yarn fibre material. PBT is a member of the polyester family of fibres). +44 (0)1756 703 670 PAVILION BOOKS Outdoor life has always been a big part of knitting designer Linka Neuman’s life, and she’s dedicated to knit sweaters that not only look great, but also withstand rough weather. Linka is inspired by people who live a little differently and venture out of their comfort zone. Her wilderness knits have joined adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts on strenuous trips in both forests and mountains – and on expeditions to Canada and Mount Everest. In Wilderness Knits she shares designs for 23 different jumpers, cardigans, and headbands with the wilderness look inspired by the beautiful natural landscapes of Norway, which are photographed in this stunning book. Linka’s goal is to design garments that will keep you warm and dry, so no matter how long or short your adventure is, you will be cosy in your bespoke, home-knitted jumper. 66