Craft Focus - February / March 2021 (Issue 83)

Paving the way Tip for 2021 − stock some of eco-friendly products. They’re the way forward! 3 SEARCH PRESS 52 Nature Craft Projects by Barbora Kurcova 9781782219095 2 KNITTING FEVER INC. Ella Rae Eco Organic Cotton. GOTS organically certified cotton dyed with eco-friendly dyes. 4 KNITTING FEVER INC. Jody Long Summer Delight. GOTS organically certified cotton blended with 10 per cent cashmere − dyed with eco-friendly dyes. 1 SELECTED YARNS Karma Cotton consists of 70 per cent recycled cotton and 30 per cent recycled PET bottles as well as a recycled cashmere. 78