Craft Focus - February / March 2021 (Issue 83)

66 SEARCH PRESS Barbie Boutique − sew Barbie this cute wardrobe of 15 stylish outfits, not forgetting five amazing outfits for Ken! For Barbie, there are outfits for shopping and gardening as well as special occasions. Turn her into a princess, a prom queen, a figure skater or a kigurumi character, or dress her up in a Halloween or rock star costume! Barbie’s stylish companion Ken can be a prince or a sportsman. He can accompany Barbie to the prom wearing his tuxedo, or join her on the catwalk in his fashion outfit. The detailed instructions are accompanied by step-by- step diagrams and real-size patterns suitable for petite, curvy, tall or original Barbie. Using simple techniques and either hand or machine sewing, these fun projects are ideal for upcycling old clothes or making use of scraps of fabric from your stash. CORINNE LAPIERRE Everything you need to complete a richly embroidered appliqué felt decoration featuring a pretty hummingbird surrounded by flowers. The kit includes high quality wool mix felt in five soft shades of pinks, white and green as well as carefully chosen assorted DMC threads, a needle and of course a 19cm wooden hoop. The hoop is both a very useful support while working on your project and also a lovely frame for it. This kit is suitable for beginners and more advanced crafters looking to develop their sewing skills as it includes a lot of accessible embroidery stitches and layering. +44 (0)1132 460 403 DOODLECRAFT DESIGN DoodleCraft Design is a British business based in the beautiful East Neuk of Fife, Scotland. It’s run by Debbie and Gavin Harding who design and deliver classic and contemporary cross stitch and blackwork embroidery charts and kits through their website, from their studio and at craft and stitching shows across the UK. The company has introduced a new design in its Stitch-a-Clock range, looking forward to those sunny summer days with the smell of roses in the air and the quiet humming of bees. GROVES Although the point presser and clapper is more than 100 years old it’s still a fantastic and relevant tool to keep in your sewing room today. The point presser (the top point) is used for those awkward seams such as collars, lapels, cuffs and those tricky narrow corners. Place the corner to be pressed open to be pressed open and flat with the point inside and use a steam iron to open the seam. Turn the corner around and repeat the process to create a perfect point. The clapper (the flat bottom) is used for creating those crisp flat seams and creases, making pleats a breeze. To use simply apply the clapper immediately after seaming with an iron and press down firmly for 10-15 seconds. The clapper will absorb the seam and set your seam or crease. It’s also a part of Groves’ ever-growing collection of plastic free items. +44 (0)1844 258 100