Craft Focus - February / March 2021 (Issue 83)

PEAK DALE PRODUCTS Peak Dale Products supplies a number of blades for your crafting projects. Featured is the well-known quality-made Swann Morton 1241 No 1 straight blade. It comes in a box of 50 blades individually wrapped in paper. The blade is 0.4mm thick. Secondly, here is the Swann Morton 1243 number three hook shape blade which comes in a box of 50 blades, individually wrapped in paper and again measures 0.4mm thick. EXACLAIR ExaClair, the UK subsidiary of the Exacompta-Clairefontaine group, has launched a new Clairefontaine Pastel Revolution Freezer range to protect artwork for transport, storage and presentation. The product is a refillable liquid spray solution that freezes friable pigments, such as dry pastel, graphite pencil, chalk, charcoal, sanguine etc., allowing the paintings to be displayed without glass or acrylic protection. This allows artists to display or transport their work without it becoming blurred or damaged due to friction, and provides the option of reworking paintings endlessly. It can be used with a variety of mediums, including Clairefontaine PastelMat ® , grained paper, canvas, wood and glass. Lawrence Savage, marketing manager at ExaClair, says the freezer solves many of the problems often faced by artists: “Freezing the dry pigments softens the surface, allowing the work to be rolled up and stored without creases and other defects appearing. Unlike other fixatives, the Pastel Revolution Freezer will solve these issues as it freezes pigments without blocking the surface and the drawing will remain porous, allowing other layers of pigments to be applied.” Using the Pastel Revolution Freezer will simply offer the same practical and functional advantages as oil, acrylic and other non-friable paints, whilst keeping the original aspects and rendering of the drawing. The solution is available in a choice of 200ml, 500ml and 1L bottles. +44 (0)1553 696 600 VIRIDIAN Clover’s set of nine hooks from the Amour range of crochet hooks are bright and fun with a comfortable easy grip handle. Viridian Distribution Ltd supplies arts and crafts retailers worldwide, whether they’re a bricks and mortar property, or an online shop. Over the years, the company has been nominated for customer service awards and developed long-standing relationships with suppliers and customers. +44 (0)1173 005 244 56