Craft Focus - February / March 2021 (Issue 83)

20 LAVINIA STAMPS Meet Bandit and Gideon − part of Lavinia’s exciting new range of polymer stamps, Clean, clear, and easy to use, they’re manufactured from high-quality transparent resin, ready for mounting on clear acrylic stamping blocks. They each have an RRP £7.20 including VAT. TOPDOG CANDLES This is the incredibly popular Birthday Cake scent, filled with a sweet and cake-based aroma, perfect for those cold nights and for all those people who missed out on a birthday cake in 2020. All of TopDog Candles’ products are made from naturally-sourced, eco-friendly and vegan soy wax. Being eco-friendly is at the heart of the company’s ethos. Even its packaging is 90 per cent environmentally friendly and will be 100 per cent by mid-2021. NUTSCENE TWINES LTD Twine has never been more popular, and Nutscene shows us that it’s not just for gardeners! The company does make garden twine, but the products are also widely used in the craft industry. As we become more mindful and less wasteful, we turn to creating fabulous crafts using sustainable materials, and Nutscene has been involved in producing some of the finest twines for your at-home projects. From rug making, to macrame, crochet and knitting, plant holders and even present-tying there are so many uses for this eco-friendly product. Nutscene’s Natural Raffia, grown in Madagascar from sustainable crops is used for weaving, décor and decoration for relish and jam jars to name but a few. The company has welcomed many new small independent retailers during the last 12 months and hopes to engage with even more. Products are vegan friendly and the macrame is produced from 100 per cent recycled cottons, Plus the jute and raffia are both biodegradable. BACHMANN EUROPE PLC Here’s the latest edition to the exciting Da Vinci inspired range of moving models which require no glue or paint. The G.E.T. clock has incorporated the mechanism of the real time pieces − Gear system rotation, Escapement mechanism, Tourbillon movement. This new item will be available in the spring so place your pre-orders now. The RRP is £15.99. To find out more about this range and all the other model kits for hobbies and education please contact Pauline Hinkley, details below. +44 (0)7739 200 153 JAKAR INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Caran d’Ache of Switzerland has extended its range of Swisscolor Products. The company has recently launched a new range of water-resistant colour pencils and wax pastels. The colour pencils are available in metal boxes of 12,18 and 30 assorted colours (RRP from £13.49-£32.99) as well as in cardboard boxes with euro hangers in sets of 12 and 18 water-resistant assorted colours (RRP £6.49 and £8.99). Also, the Swisscolor water-soluble colour pencil range is now available in cardboard boxes with euro hangers in sets of 12 and 18 assorted colours (RRP £8.99 and £12.49) and in water-soluble wax pastels in sets of 12 and 18 assorted colours (RRP £7.99 and £9.99). This complements the existing range of Swisscolor water-soluble colour pencils available in metal boxes of 12,18, 30 and 40 assorted colours (RRP from £15.49 - £49.99). +44 (0)20 8381 7000