Craft Focus - June/July 2020 (Issue 79)

69 BUSINESS Leadership Management International is a global organisation, committed to delivering bespoke personal development programmes to businesses of all sizes. For further information, visit important than ever to ensure everybody in the team is pulling in the same direction, as each person understands their role and recognises their importance in helping the entire team succeed. During an uncertain period, one shared goal could be as simple as reminding employees that only through hard work and continued productivity, will the business be able to overcome the financial challenges brought about by the outbreak. Personal goal setting – make lists! In order to harness the power of goal setting, individuals need to be personally invested in achieving their targets, fuelling self-motivation far greater than simply completing tasks that have been assigned to them. This means taking the time to understand the benefits to be gained by the accomplishment of each goal, including the personal satisfaction of the progress that’s been made and the achievement of large and small victories. For employees working from home, it’s a powerful practice to set clear and attainable goals, in line with the greater objectives, on a weekly and daily basis. Remember, there’s a good deal of evidence to suggest a stronger commitment to our goals occurs when we write them down on paper rather than in digital format. Encourage your employees to set personal goals as well as business ones as success in one area breeds motivation in all others. Effective time management With strong personal leadership and an understanding of clear direction through goal setting, employees are well-prepared to practice effective time management. Their ‘must do today’ and ‘do today if possible’ lists can be formed around the tasks and priorities that will generate the most progress towards achieving goals. This is true productivity. Otherwise known as ‘high-payoff activities’, the most important work can be prioritised, not necessarily the latest request to arrive by email. Each morning, staff will benefit tremendously from creating a written plan for how they’re going to spend their day, designating sections of the day for focussed project work, checking emails and lunch. With a clear direction for the day ahead, employees will find they get a lot more completed in the time available, which then frees up more time for personal activities. If legitimately distracted, they have a clear plan to return to without the wasted time and effort to rethink the day’s priorities. Maintain productivity… During a period of uncertainty, it’s important that productivity levels are maintained, and employees understand the goals they are working towards. Just because your workforce is working remotely, that doesn’t mean standards should slip or work should be put off if people have been given the skills needed to lead themselves. Goal setting and time management are vital skills that once mastered, will allow employees to stay on track and ensure results are delivered, despite a different working environment. If your workforce requires training, there are online personal development courses that will give them the tools needed to remain productive over the coming weeks and months.