Craft Focus - June/July 2020 (Issue 79)

62 Ask the experts I need to source the perfect packaging to ref lect my high-quality eco-friend ly pr oduct but I don’t know where to begin, there’s so many options out there. Here at Enveloped Ltd, we have a variety of different options depending on what your needs are, we have envelopes and postal packaging, large and small, all completely plastic-free and eco-friendly. We have in the postal packaging selection (not limited to): Flutelopes – a corrugated padded mailer (to be used in place of traditional plastic bubble bags), also come in a range of colours and sizes; black, orange, red and white, available for bespoke printing. Combelopes – same as above but these are a little more padded so offer more protection for items in the post, we have light and max versions depending on how much protection you require, and these are available in manilla at the moment and soon to follow other colours. Also available in a range of sizes. Boardlopes – a stiff cardboard mailer with easy peel and seal strip, also available in different sizes, and bespoke printing options. All of the above are completely plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable. We also have a range of envelopes that are made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus, and also bamboo. Our experts answer your craft and retail dilemmas ROSY GREENLEES Rosy Greenlees, OBE, has been executive director of the Crafts Council since 2006. A national organisation promoting the value of craft and making to society, the Crafts Council has supported thousands of makers through its talent development programmes; brings high quality craft to an annual audience of over three million through its exhibitions, Collection and events; and leads a national campaign for re-instating craft education in schools. I’m a new craft retailer and I’d love to know if there are any ways to get funding or help during and after the pandemic. The Crafts Council recognises this is a very challenging and worrying time for the crafts industry. We’re focused on supporting makers and businesses, giving them a voice at government level and among other influencers and are driving actions in response to makers’ needs. A recent survey we implemented among maker professionals dramatically spot lit the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and this is a dialogue that’s continuing – and this work is also about to be supplemented by investigating the impact of lockdown on galleries, fairs and markets to inform our recommendations to government on what intervention might be needed to rebuild the craft market. The Crafts Council website is constantly being updated on funding available and eligibility and ‘jargon-busting’ advice – in legal matters to technicalities in business and in marketing. We’re also planning surgeries and workshops to advise businesses on how to navigate support available and potentially use this period as an opportunity to explore new avenues such as e-commerce and to upskill. Finally, this is a time when consumers are open to support those who have been hardest hit – through purchasing items to participating in online initiatives. One such initiative the Crafts Council has recently leant its support to is the brilliant #ArtistSupportPledge, launched by artist Matthew Burrows on Instagram and which is garnering international attention. It’s an artist-led platform and eco system whereby each commits to purchase another artist’s work for £200 if they make £1,000 on selling their own work to the general public. ROSELINE GHIOT Roseline is marketing assistant at Envelopes Ltd. Set up 20 years ago, Envelopes has grown from a small envelope overprinter based at home to a leading stockist of postal packaging products with a huge stock range.