Craft Focus - June/July 2020 (Issue 79)

49 SEWING FOR THE HOME CORINNE LAPIERRE A gorgeous craft kit containing everything needed to make three wonderfully fragrant lavender-filled houses in soft vintage shades of wool felt. Hang them in your wardrobe, car or bedroom for the gentle scent of Provence to fill the air. Lavender is so well known for its beneficial soothing properties. Each house can be personalised with your choice of patterns, colours and stiches or could even be embroidered with names or dates. The trade price is £6 and all trade orders will receive free PoS and sample packs. ZWEIGART Zweigart’s embroidery idea booklets are full of inspiration. #104 / 315 Flower Power The fifth issue of the ‘Designer Creations.’ In this issue, Zweigart has invited great designers from all over the world to put their creativity into play on Zweigart fabrics. #104 / 316 Hardanger In the new Hardanger booklet, there are again numerous beautiful model ideas to imitate from tablecloths with modern patterns, curtains to wall hangers – there’s something for everyone. The booklet contains two sheets with detailed explanations of the technique and the models. DANNELLS Design your own sewing bin using your favourite fabric with Dannells’ easy-to-use kit. The Sewing bin will be a great companion for keeping your projects organised and at your fingertips. The bin can sit on a table by your machine and you can drop your garments or projects straight into it. A stylish way to store all your sewing essentials or use for all your arts and crafts projects. There are clear instructions to use within the kit: just laminate your covering to the self-adhesive panel and follow the step by step instructions. The Foamex base fits inside and sits on the lip of the base ring. +44 (0)1992 700 311 PEAK DALE PRODUCTS Macramé is the ancient craft of knotting lengths of thread together. In recent years it has seen a revival and is used to create beautiful home décor such as this plant hanger. This do-it-yourself kit is perfect for beginners and uses just three simple knots. Peak Dale has used 100 per cent cotton cord and natural wood to make it both environmentally and aesthetically pleasing. +44 (0)1298 78447 