Craft Focus - October/November (Issue 75)

96 What inspired you to start eatsleepdoodle? I wanted to pass on my love of making and designing anything that involves textiles! While sitting in bed doodling plots and plans on a notepad, I thought what fun it would be if I could find wash- out pens and use my duvet instead! I got very excited about the wider potential of the idea for encouraging all age groups to create their own designs in a way that didn’t involve serious planning or permanence. That first concept, our doodle duvet, immediately won the Best New Gift award at Top Drawer and everything has stemmed from there. How long has the company been up and running? I started my textile business in 2006 and launched doodle duvet in 2010. At that time, the duvet was part of a varied selection of textile products that I had designed, and it took two or three years to sell through everything else so I could focus on eatsleepdoodle. Who’s who at the company? We’re a small, close-knit team. Niki Blake is our sales whizz, Ildiko Horvathne is queen of accounts, logistics and production, Charlotte Cairns is all things marketing, Nick Jones is self-styled chief fulfilment officer and I am founder/CEO in charge of general direction and everything no one else wants to do! We are also lucky to have excellent warehouse managers in the UK and US as well as superb manufacturers, all of whom we work closely with and see very much as partners. Tell us a little about the product range. We offer unusual textile gifts that encourage creativity and learning. Products from eatsleepdoodle include many positive elements, which is really important to us. We’re offering the opportunity to colour, experiment, gain confidence and create individual designs, all on items that have the benefit of encouraging manual skills and handwriting. Each piece can also be used again and again. Options include pillowcases, placemats, tablecloths and pencil cases. Our ink is super-washable, so the design or colour scheme can be changed as often as desired. It disappears in the washing machine with no trace on anything in the machine – a real bonus! Our classic designs are inspired by stationery – notepaper and graph paper in particular – which are fantastic for freestyle creations. More recently, we have added our very successful colour and learn range, where great illustrations with loads of detail are backed up with educational information on our website. What are your bestselling designs? Our world map design has been hugely successful, particularly the tablecloth and pillowcase options. Our new space and butterflies Duvet days eatsleepdoodle’s giftable pro ucts foster creativity and learning among young crafters. We caught up with CEO and founder Chrissie Probert Jones