Craft Focus - October/November (Issue 75)

The online SHOP at is a marketplace. Shops owners advise of products that are in stock and which they’d like to list on . The customer pays for the product on justhands, we notify the shop of the sale, the shop owner fulfils the order and reimburse the shop. Less a small commission - - about half of what online retailers and craft TV channels charge. We support local shops in this way because we believe that the crafting community needs a thriving network of local shops. If you’d like to know how can help you sell more, contact SHOP FEATURE Lady Sew and Sew started out almost 40 years ago as a market stall selling fabrics, then expanded into a shop in Marlow and warehouse in Henley-on- Thames. They are now Europe’s biggest quilting and patchwork warehouse with massive stocks of fabrics – over 15,000 designs – as well as wadding and everything else you could possibly need. They also run a wide range of workshops, classes and special events throughout the year, and have a dedicated yarn room. Lady Sew and Sew is a popular destination for the sewing community, welcoming local craft groups and Coach Parties regularly to the warehouse in Henley-on-Thames . is proud to work with Lady Sew and Sew.